Green Team Chair: Jesse is the green choice for mayor


Mount Rainier Green Team Chair Endorses Jesse for Mayor

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Joseph Jakuta and I have been involved with Mount Rainier’s Environmental Protection Board and Green Team for the past six years. I am writing a personal statement concerning the mayoral race.

We have two very strong candidates for mayor, both of whom care very deeply about the city and us Mounties and I personally enjoy working with. After lots of hard thought and talking with both candidates it is clear that Jesse Christopherson is my preferred candidate.

Jesse wants a sustainable future for Mount Rainier and looks at the evidence to make this happen. When there was pushback from other members on the council about switching the city to renewable energy, Jesse saw that it would make us greener while immediately saving the city $10,000 per year and said we should move forward with the decision.

Jesse looked at the evidence and knows that upgrading our recycling bins to rolling ones with lids will reduce litter, increase recycling, and save the city money in the long term. Jesse has fought for greener building standards with development since he knows those decisions effect Mount Rainier’s impact on future generations.

On May 1st I will be voting for Jesse and if you want to someone that will make decisions that make environmental
and financial sense for Mount Rainier you should too.

-Joseph Jakuta, MRGT chair

 Joseph Jakuta


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