Ward 1 Councilwoman Tracy Loh Endorses Jesse Christopherson for Mayor

Tracy Loh for Mount RainierJesse Christopherson for Mayor

Dear Neighbors,

It’s been a few months since my resignation from the Mount Rainier City Council in order to support a career transition for my spouse to New York City. I’ve been watching Mount Rainier’s upcoming election with a lot of interest, in part out of curiosity over who might run for the Ward 1 seat I vacated. We also have our first contested mayoral race in many years, between two colleagues I had the chance to work with closely in my almost two years on council.

After much reflection, I have concluded that it is imperative that our council have new leadership to support the many reforms that we have introduced at the staff and legislative levels in the past two years. These reforms cannot take root and thrive unless they have the support and energy that new leadership brings. With this in mind, I wholeheartedly endorse JESSE CHRISTOPHERSON for mayor.

As his colleague in Ward 1, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Jesse. He and I have not always shared the same priorities, and in fact there have been times when he has frustrated me in both style and substance. I share these honest opinions with you because I know Jesse’s best qualities, however – first and foremost that he is a great listener who is able to take criticism, listen, learn, and compromise to find consensus. I cannot overstate how important this quality is in a council colleague, and I know that Jesse will bring it to the mayor’s seat.

I also value the times when our priorities were in alignment. Jesse and I have been 100% on the same page when it comes to professionalizing the city staff, for example making sure that every employee has a job description and regular performance reviews. He also listened when I expressed that it was a significant priority for me that the city have a balanced budget, and we found consensus in a budget last year that included deficit spending only for long-overdue road resurfacing. I am extremely impressed with Jesse’s proposed budget amendments for this fiscal year – evidence of his effectiveness as a leader on the council.

Jesse has also been an impactful and effective advocate for Mount Rainier beyond the borders of our municipality. He has built productive and positive relationships with Brentwood and other Prince George’s municipalities through our county’s chapter of the Maryland Municipal League, where he serves on the chapter’s board.

In the past two years I have also had an inside view into Malinda Miles’ tremendous efforts on behalf of our city. She has given decades of service to the city, and my endorsement of her opponent in this election should not in any way be read as a failure to recognize the value and magnitude of her accomplishments. I was honored to serve beside her, and I learned a great deal from her that has transformed me personally and professionally.

I do not make this endorsement lightly. Jesse has personally promised me that if elected, he will resume the monthly e-newsletter summarizing council business and city happenings that was begun by Jimmy Tarlau and continued by me.

You read it here, folks – JESSE CHRISTOPHERSON FOR MAYOR AND NEWSLETTER. Vote May 1st at City Hall!


Tracy Loh

Former Councilwoman, Ward 1


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