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    Joint Endorsement for Jesse for Mayor From Councilmembers Shah and Brown

    Joint Endorsement for Jesse for Mayor By Councilmembers Shah and Brown April 30, 2017 Mount Rainier’s government is in the midst of its most important transformation in more than a generation.  In the past year, we have begun the process of professionalizing City Hall.  This transformation will have a substantial impact on the quality of city services that our tax dollars support.  We need leadership that will support change, not stand in its way. As City Council members, we have seen up close how both Mayor Miles and Councilman Christopherson have reacted to, either in opposition or support of, the reform of our government.  We are endorsing Jesse Christopherson for Mayor because we have seen him to be supportive of change. He is in favor of professionalizing government, ending cronyism, and taking a new, more progressive direction in city government.
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    Brentwood Mayor Rocio Treminio-Lopez Endorses Jesse Christopherson for Mayor

    I am endorsing Jesse Christopherson for Mayor of Mount Rainier! As the Mayor of Brentwood, I have had a chance to work closely with Jesse on issues that connect our two cities. One of the most valuable assets to me in a leader is positive relationships. I saw Jesse’s commitment to collaborate with others (even when their opinions differed from his) when we served together on the PG County Municipal Association legislative committee. As chairman, Jesse was an effective leader who found consensus on the difficult issues that came before us.
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