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Jesse Christopherson was elected to the city council from Ward 1 for a 4-year term in 2013. Read about his first term accomplishments and his vision for the city's future.

Jesse has lived in Mount Rainier with his wife and two sons since 2009. He is a writer and editor, and has also worked as a congressional staffer, reporter, and professional English-Spanish translator. Prior to joining the council, he served as a Mount Rainier Tree Commissioner for the city and volunteered at the Mount Rainier Nature/Recreation Center.

He has served in leadership roles on the Prince George's County Municipal Association and currently serves as the PTO president for Thomas Stone Elementary where his son is in his third year. His youngest son will be starting as a kindergartner at Thomas Stone in the fall.


"I am proud of Jesse and the work he has done in the neighborhood. He's the one I call when we need help." -Frances Valentin, long-time resident of Mount Rainier


"Jesse and I have been 100% on the same page when it comes to professionalizing the city staff, for example making sure that every employee has a job description and regular performance reviews. ... I am extremely impressed with Jesse’s proposed budget amendments for this fiscal year – evidence of his effectiveness as a leader on the council.

"Jesse has also been an impactful and effective advocate for Mount Rainier beyond the borders of our municipality. He has built productive and positive relationships with Brentwood and other Prince George’s municipalities through our county’s chapter of the Maryland Municipal League, where he serves on the chapter’s board. ... He is a great listener who is able to take criticism, listen, learn, and compromise to find consensus." -Former Mount Rainier Councilwoman Tracy Loh


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