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Lisa Harris
Mount Rainier resident and owner of The WaterHole in Mount Rainier

Lisavideo.PNG "Lisa here over at the WaterHole. We support Jesse for mayor. Make sure you go out and vote May 1st. Jesse is the change that we need. He's young, progressive, good thinker, great mind, great vibes. Jesse for mayor!"



Sandra Hair Salon

Sandra's Hair Salon in Mount Rainier



Shivali Shah, Esq.
Council Member, Mount Rainier Ward 2
Resident for 12 years

Devon Anthony Brown, Esq.
Council Member, Mount Rainier for Ward 1
Former Council Member for Ward 1, 2000-2003
Resident for more than 30 years

"In the past year, we have begun the process of professionalizing City Hall. This transformation will have a substantial impact on the quality of city services that our tax dollars support. We need leadership that will support change, not stand in its way. As City Council members, we have seen up close how both Mayor Miles and Councilman Christopherson have reacted to (either in opposition or support of) the reform of our government. We are endorsing Jesse Christopherson for Mayor because he is supportive of change. He is in favor of professionalizing government, ending cronyism, and taking a new, more progressive direction in city government.

"This process has included putting in place badly needed reforms... Jesse Christopherson has been part of this wave of reforms, and we believe he is the right person to continue them forward as Mayor. ...

"We are both persons of color who have keenly felt our 'otherness' in these United States, one male and the other female. Councilmember Shah has lived here 12 years and Councilmember Brown has lived here for more than 30 years. We share between us a WIDE range of perspectives. One thing we share in common is that we are both attorneys who are used to analyzing situations and proposing solutions that are objective and sound. This is a management issue—plain and simple. ...

"Jesse's term on the Council has demonstrated a strong commitment to overseeing the city without inappropriately interfering with city administration. He understands that our best path forward is to let the government continue to professionalize and become more directly responsive to its citizens. As it should be." READ MORE

Tracy Loh for Mount Rainier

Tracy Loh
Former Councilwoman, Mount Rainier Ward 1

"Jesse and I have been 100% on the same page when it comes to professionalizing the city staff, for example making sure that every employee has a job description and regular performance reviews. He also listened when I expressed that it was a significant priority for me that the city have a balanced budget, and we found consensus in a budget last year that included deficit spending only for long-overdue road resurfacing. I am extremely impressed with Jesse’s proposed budget amendments for this fiscal year – evidence of his effectiveness as a leader on the council.

"Jesse has also been an impactful and effective advocate for Mount Rainier beyond the borders of our municipality. He has built productive and positive relationships with Brentwood and other Prince George’s municipalities through our county’s chapter of the Maryland Municipal League, where he serves on the chapter’s board." READ MORE

  Lenny Robinson

Leonard Robinson
Owner & Head Chef, Bird Kitchen and Cocktails in Mount Rainier

Rocio Treminio-Lopez

Rocio Treminio-Lopez
Mayor, City of Brentwood

"I saw Jesse’s commitment to collaborate with others (even when their opinions differed from his) when we served together on the PG County Municipal Association legislative committee. As chairman, Jesse was an effective leader who found consensus on the difficult issues that came before us.

"Jesse has also proven his commitment to diversity and inclusion... He organized a community forum to help vulnerable residents know their rights. He successfully encouraged the City of Mount Rainier to hire its first-ever Spanish speaker in City Hall to help residents with questions. He has worked to ensure that city messages are accessible for everyone, and has championed initiatives that give Mount Rainier residents a voice in their government and protection from police discrimination. He has never voted ‘present’ on social justice legislation. He has never been political when people’s lives and well-being are at risk. ...

"He has done all of these things to keep people in their homes and make sure our region is welcoming." READ MORE


  Nisey Baylor

Nisey Baylor
20-year owner and proprietor of Nisey's Boutique in Mount Rainier

Donnie Bridgeman

S. Donnie Bridgeman
Councilman, City of Bladensburg

"In a room full of loudmouth politicians, Jesse is the guy in the corner quietly doing the work. He's the guy who gets it done, doesn't worry about who gets the credit, and never pats himself on the back. He's committed to make Mount Rainier better."

Donnievideo.PNG"Jesse wants to pin down the details. He's not going to say something he can't stick to. He's not just going to say something because it's flashy or colorful. Even if he thinks about it, he's going to go research it before he brings it up. And that's just the kind of people we really need in office."

  Intisar Haamid

Intisar Haamid
Former Councilwoman, Mount Rainier Ward 1

"Jesse is serious and sincere in putting forth his best efforts for his constituents. He has really worked hard to improve our quality of life here in Mount Rainier. Vote for Jesse Christopherson for Mayor of Mount Rainier."

ZZ Pizza

ZZ's Pizza in Mount Rainier

  Ivy Thompson

Ivy Thompson
Former Councilwoman, Mount Rainier Ward 2
Treasurer, Jesse for Mayor

Ivyvideo.PNG"I am supporting Jesse for mayor because I believe in his vision for Mount Rainier. He is a progressive thinker, a progressive actor, and I believe that Jesse can help move this city forward."

Celina Benitez

Celina Benitez
Activist and Candidate for City Council, Mount Rainier Ward 1

"Jesse believes in justice and he's willing to fight for it. He pushes for the just cause, not the easy cause."


JesseCelineSpanishinterviewWatch Celina and Jesse talk about their campaigns with Gerardo Sánchez of Mi Gente TV (en español)

  Joseph Jakuta

Joseph Jakuta
Mount Rainier Green Team Chair

"Jesse wants a sustainable future for Mount Rainier and looks at the evidence to make this happen. When there was pushback from other members on the council about switching the city to renewable energy, Jesse saw that it would make us greener while immediately saving the city $10,000 per year and said we should move forward with the decision.

"Jesse looked at the evidence and knows that upgrading our recycling bins to rolling ones with lids will reduce litter, increase recycling, and save the city money in the long term. Jesse has fought for greener building standards with development since he knows those decisions effect Mount Rainier’s impact on future generations.

"On May 1st I will be voting for Jesse and if you want to someone that will make decisions that make environmental and financial sense for Mount Rainier you should too." READ MORE

Mediterranean Cafe

Mediterranean Cafe in Mount Rainier

  Oscar Flowers

Oscar Flowers, Bridal & Tuxedo Shop in Mount Rainier

Fred Sissine

Fred Sissine
Former Mayor (1993-2001), City of Mount Rainier
Former City Councilman (1990-1993), City of Mount Rainier
Founder and President of the Mount Rainier Community Preservation League (1988-1989)
Mount Rainier resident since 1987 and President of the Friends of the Library since 2001

"I'm 100% in support of Jesse! He gets both the 'big picture' and the details of our economic development / revitalization challenge.

"I consulted with Jesse a couple of years back, when he led the council legislation to re-establish the economic development position. Jesse understands that the lack of staff expertise on revitalization was a major barrier to making progress on that front for many years.

"Also, Jesse has been a leader on social issues such as citizenship development and non-citizen voting rights. I tried to do the same while I was mayor (1993-2001), because I feel it is important that our community be welcoming and supportive to all."

  Asli Pure

Thea Browne-Dennis
Founder of Asli Pure Natural Body in Mount Rainier

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers
Former Councilman, Mount Rainier

  Francis Restaurant

Francis Restaurant & Carry Out

Julian Ivey

Julian Ivey
Candidate for Council, City of Cheverly

  Alife Market

Alife Market in Mount Rainier

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