Brentwood Mayor Rocio Treminio-Lopez Endorses Jesse Christopherson for Mayor

Rocio Treminio-Lopez

I am endorsing Jesse Christopherson for Mayor of Mount Rainier!

As the Mayor of Brentwood, I have had a chance to work closely with Jesse on issues that connect our two cities. One of the most valuable assets to me in a leader is positive relationships. I saw Jesse’s commitment to collaborate with others (even when their opinions differed from his) when we served together on the PG County Municipal Association legislative committee. As chairman, Jesse was an effective leader who found consensus on the difficult issues that came before us.

Jesse has also proven his commitment to diversity and inclusion time after time. Like Brentwood, Mount Rainier has a large Spanish-speaking population. As a new councilman in 2013, one of his first initiatives was pulling together a community services fair to help residents access services in Spanish as well as English. Following the presidential election last year, he organized a community forum with County Councilwoman Deni Taveras and me to hear from vulnerable residents and help them know their rights. Along with Councilwoman Shah, he successfully encouraged the City of Mount Rainier to hire its first-ever Spanish speaker in City Hall to help residents with questions. He has worked to ensure that city messages are accessible for everyone and he has championed initiatives that give Mount Rainier residents a voice in their government and protection from police discrimination. He has never voted ‘present’ on social justice legislation. He has never been political when people’s lives and well-being are at risk.

I have also come to know Jesse personally. Our families share quality time, I speak Spanish with him, our children attend Thomas Stone Elementary together, and we serve together on the school’s PTO board. Jesse and I ran in the middle of the night to help an immigrant mom and her daughter trapped with no support. We call parents to make sure they are ok. He has worked with landlords in the city to make sure that vulnerable families didn’t lose their housing following family crises. He has done all of these things to keep people in their homes and to make sure our community is welcoming.

I know what it takes to successfully serve in the position of Mayor. That is why I am endorsing Jesse Christopherson for Mayor of Mount Rainier!

Jesse_community_forum.jpg Rocio_at_community_forum_.JPG Rocio Treminio-Lopez

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